Fortifying our Ascend Engineering Mission

Justify, Validate, Formalize, Legalize, Strategize

These are the five keywords we would use to describe the progress we brought forth at Ascend Engineering in the year 2020.

While we don’t know what five words we will use to describe ourselves in 2021, we are certain of one: fortify.

When we began in late 2019 as our perceived “idea” of a drone delivery service, we could not fathom the tenacity it would take to launch a startup, let alone in the year 2020 — and the pivot we would endure not just to survive, but evolve and realize our core mission, principle values, and purpose.

That’s why today, and after almost exactly one year of bootstrapping our company, we are publicly announcing our realign, rebrand and restructure as we grow from Ascend Deliveries and into Ascend Engineering.

We’re choosing to name this new iteration “Fortify.”

Externally, the most apparent shift is our domain, design overhaul, and updated vision & mission statements.

Internally, we’ve refined (and you guessed it, fortified) our priorities, short and long-term goals, contracting capabilities, business model and continue adding to our evergrowing technology inventory.

There’s a number of reasons we implemented Fortify:

  • Gross margins are increasing as sales & clientele increase after only one month, post-pivot as Ascend Engineering.

Drawing your attention to the last bullet point, our main priority has shifted from seeking eager investors to instead onboarding a singular, ambitious Principal Advisor.

This change comes as we not only inch closer towards profitability, but aim to grow staff and technological capability as we fortify and continue to capture even more of this emerging market in 2021.

We are quickly realizing how fortunate we are to be in this position — and equally eager for the limitless potential as we build a better future as Ascend Engineering.