Justify, Validate, Formalize, Legalize, Strategize

These are the five keywords we would use to describe the progress we brought forth at Ascend Engineering in the year 2020.

While we don’t know what five words we will use to describe ourselves in 2021, we are certain of one: fortify.

When we began in late 2019 as our perceived “idea” of a drone delivery service, we could not fathom the tenacity it would take to launch a startup, let alone in the year 2020 — and the pivot we would endure not just to survive, but evolve and realize our core mission…

At CU Engineering, I practice a philosophy which is always risk-conscious, but never risk-averse.

What a year.

Reflecting on 2020 while looking ​ahead to 2021, I ​think back on the (many) lessons learned evolving and fortifying our @CUEngineering social media tone, voice and persona and building it into a two-way channel.

This is a high-level overview with lots of moving parts, and I​’m happy to continue this conversation in 2021 with anyone who finds these insights useful.

Let’s Talk Research:

While managing @CUEngineering social, I’m sometimes asked to explain our more playful, less formal posting behavior while maintaining our image as an R-1…

Austin Braun

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